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Client Reviews

What Our
Attorney Clients Are Saying

A few words from satisfied clients after settling their case!

“Dr. Bokarius’ report was instrumental in obtaining the highest possible settlement for my client. The judge was impressed by the clarity and substantiation of the labor disabling factors.”

“Thanks to your doctor's thorough review of the industrial claim ratings, we were able to meet the threshold of compensability.”

“We obtained a total disability decision from a judge and a high six figure settlement for my client because you guys did such a great job outlining factors of disability.”

"Medical Legal Evaluators played an integral role in achieving a well-deserved Award for my client. They provided extraordinary professional support as well as skilled evaluators who were able to gather the relevant medical records and produce reporting in a clear fashion necessary to meet the SIBTF thresholds. Medical Legal Evaluators' expertise was instrumental in resolving our 
case, and I highly recommend their services."

"While the SIBTF process can yield huge benefits for our clients and provide life-changing results for our clients and their families, it can also prove to be very complicated and time-consuming. I have found having a partner in Medical Legal Evaluators has turned out to be an effective and efficient way to get the most favorable results for my cases.

They collect all the relevant records (often numbering in the thousands of pages), understand the subtle differences between pre-existing impairment and labor disablement, and make sure all the specialty evaluations are condensed into a rating report that is easy to read and understand. Medical Legal Evaluators gives me a single point of contact and has both evaluators and 
administrative staff who are focused on getting cases to closure. Because they have such good relationships with the state's leading copy services, they can ensure quick and reliable transfers of records to doctors and, in the event my cases go to court, I have a clear trail of documentation to call upon.

Your client should get what they deserve from SIBTF. Calling Medical Legal Evaluators will save you time and reduce the administrative burden on your practice while still providing your clients with the best possible outcome." 
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