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Path to Settlement 

with SIBTF

Understanding The Difficulties In SIBTF

SIBTF can be challenging but we are here to help

What are the challenges?
  • Collection of thorough medical history
  • Obtaining relevant medical records
  • Helping the evaluating doctors understand the difference between pre-existing impairment and labor disablement
  • Tying multiple specialty evaluations together in a comprehensive, easy to understand rating report
How can we help?
  • Highly skilled and specifically trained evaluators for musculoskeletal, internal medicine, psychology and ophthalmology evaluations
  • Established process to efficiently obtain and document evidence of labor disablement
  • Single point of contact for case management
  • Established working relationships with industry leading copy services to ensure timely & efficient transfer of records to physicians
  • Administrative staff and technology focused on getting cases to closure
Identify potential cases​
Refer client and paperwork to MLE
Initial evaluation takes place
-Diagnostics referral form & initial report are provided to your office
Specialty evaluations takes place
-Doctor recommended specialty reports are provided to your office
Final rating report incorporating all ratings from all specialties is issued

Steps To Settling A Case

Only five easy steps get you from beginning to end

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